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Rent The Runway adds flexibility to membership options

By Robyn Turk


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Rent The Runway is giving its members more options to customize their subscription plans. A year ago, the company offered only two different plans, yet has been adapting with the times to meet consumer demands.

Consumer interests have clearly changed as a result of the pandemic, and a rotating wardrobe is no longer a high priority to those observing stay-home mandates. However, Rent The Runway’s new flexibility may be just what it needs to maintain consumer interest.

“Life changes, so should your wardrobe,” the company wrote to its members in an email this weekend.

Renters may now customize their plans by adding extra shipments or rental spots to receive clothing as best fits their needs. Previously, Rent The Runway had been offering three varieties of subscription plans, which would allow customers to receive either four, eight or sixteen items per month across one, two and four respective shipments.

Now, renters may choose how many shipments they receive and how many items they rent per month and can customize these choices month by month. Each additional shipment costs 46 dollars and opens up four additional item spots.

Rent The Runway used to offer an Unlimited plan, which allowed subscribers access to as many items as they wanted per month, with a limit of four items rented at a time. This plan was phased out in September 2020, as the company wanted to offer its subscribers options that would “adapt seamlessly to their changing lifestyles, needs and budgets.”

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