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Rent the Runway challenges consumer behaviour in Fast Fashion Free campaign

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Rent the Runway

Clothing rental platform Rent the Runway has launched a campaign aiming to challenge consumers to give up fast fashion.

The Fast Fashion Free campaign hopes to convince shoppers to switch to rental subscriptions with the platform, decreasing their environmental impact when it comes to renewing their wardrobe.

Intentionally placed towards the beginning of the New Year, the company intended to reach consumers at a time “when they are already reassessing lifestyles on the whole”, with the ultimate goal of sparking a behavioural shift.

Activations for the full funnel campaign existed in the form of digital signage and out-of-home wild postings across New York City and Los Angeles, as well as influencer engagement that promoted anti-haul videos.

Additionally, the rental firm will also be launching a partnership with Green Textiles at its New York flagship store, asking customers to bring in their unwearable fast fashion which will ultimately be recycled into insulation material.

The new campaign falls in line with the platform’s recently revealed Life Cycle Assessment, which found that customer rentals produced net environmental savings compared to that of purchasing new clothing. Figures presented in the report showed one rental garment contributed to a 24 percent reduction in water usage and a three percent reduction in pounds of carbon emissions.

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