Rent the Runway drastically expands Nordstrom partnership

Rent the Runway users are going to experience more streamlined service with product fulfillment and returns. The popular clothing rental service today announced an expansion of its existing partnership with Nordstrom, which will lead to nearly 30 Nordstrom locations serving as hosts for Rent the Runway Drop-Off Boxes.

The two companies initiated their partnership in June, with the introduction of five Rent the Runway Drop-Off Boxes into five different Nordstrom stores in the Los Angeles area.

Rent the Runway Drop-Off Boxes are also located in several WeWork locations. Renters can use these boxes to make quick and easy returns without having to mail their items back. The service is particularly convenient for Unlimited subscribers, who can rent items as often as they want with a limited amount at a time. As soon as these customers scan an item back into a drop-off box, a new spot is freed up for the next item.

Now, the number of these drop-offs will increase to 29, along with collaborations in inventory innovation and product development.

Nordstrom will contribute inventory to Rent the Runway's ecosystem to extend the lifecycle of its own products. This is the first time the retailer will be directly participating in a clothing rental service. The two parties are also looking for ways to enhance the shopping experience by creating exclusive product that is available for both purchase and rental.

Rent the Runway extends Nordstrom partnership following recent customer service issues

Rent the Runway recently experienced an increase of customer complaints due to issues with order fulfillment. An increased number of drop-off boxes and added inventory might work to prevent similar issues from occurring.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Nordstrom," Jenn Hyman, CEO and co-founder of Rent the Runway, said in a statement. "We have seen a massive consumer behavior shift unfold over the past several years, with our community now relying on Rent the Runway as a near daily utility. As our business has grown, we’ve seen unparalleled demand for physical experiences including the convenience of Drop-Off Boxes."

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