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Rick Owens and Aesop launch limit-edition collaboration

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Aesop x Rick Owens
Australian skincare label Aesop has launched a limit-edition collaboration with fashion designer Rick Owens described as a “meeting of uncompromising minds”.

The collaboration consists of a candle, available in three sizes, and a curated travel kit featuring Owens favoured Aesop formulations, coriander seed body cleanser, resolute hydrating body balm, classic shampoo and classic conditioner. There is also a jersey wrap crafted from certified organic cotton, which can be worn as a wrist-wrap or bandana that features a co-branded dual grosgrain strip, a signature of Owens' garments.

Image: Aesop x Rick Owens

The collection also features a specially created new Stoic Eau de Toilette, developed in partnership with perfumer Barnabé Fillion, which includes spicy aromas of black pepper and coriander seed, designed to “reflect the radicality of Rick Owens,” while frankincense and woody notes “conjure the equanimous spirit of Aesop”.

Accompanying the fragrance is a string of 10 porous ceramic beads, which can be doused with scent for increased longevity and worn on the wrist. A concept Aesop states was proposed by Owens, who “sought to create a reassuring amulet”.

Image: Aesop x Rick Owens

Commenting on the collection, Owens said in a statement: "I am not sure if it was my body responding positively to the alchemy of the unguents they produce or my head responding to the quiet and gentle aesthetics of their ethos as a company, but Aesop’s balms represented a soothing mood that I wanted to continue seamlessly throughout my home life and my travel life."

The limited-edition collaboration is available from Aesop’s website and in select Aesop and Rick Owens stores worldwide.

Image: Aesop x Rick Owens
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