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Rimowa debuts Never Still campaign starring Rihanna, Patti Smith and more

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Rimowa, Official website

Travel luggage company Rimowa has unveiled its new star-studded campaign featuring an abundance of celebrity faces. Never Still aims to capture how travel contributes to the building of a legacy, with a particular focus on the changing landscape of travel in a new era of movement.

Through four campaign films, Rimowa examines each featured celebrity’s relationship with travel, including that of singer Rihanna, basketball star LeBron James, writer Patti Smith and tennis champion Roger Federer. The personal perspectives explore travel in a post-covid spotlight and each star’s renewed experience with movement as they adapt back into their usual lifestyles.

Rihanna, who directed her film alongside videographer Gary Sorrenti, is captured in a desert with a campervan. Her story revolves around her transition to a quiet lifestyle during the pandemic saying, “When everything is minimised, you see what’s important,” at one point during the video.

Smith’s film, on the other hand, is created as an ode to New York City, focusing on her return to the bustling environment after retreating to a beach house during the pandemic. Over an exclusive score by Jamie XX, Smith says in her film: “When we could not travel physically, I was grateful for the imagination, allowing me to travel where I wished. I was able to write, study and rethink my priorities but I continually longed for action, to be on the move and now I am grateful to step back into the world.”

Within the campaign, items from the label’s recent Never Still collection are also featured, including a crossbody and an oversized tote, that aren’t strictly considered travel bags. Also featured are a number of Rimowa’s staple luggage styles, including its classic hardshell suitcase with aluminium details and leather handles.

Since its acquisition takeover by luxury conglomerate LVMH in 2016, the luggage company has continued to develop itself into a high-end travel leader, with this celebrity-packed campaign only further highlighting its strategy.