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Roblox launches digital designer showcase in collaboration with Karlie Kloss

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Roblox, Karlie Kloss avatar in Lovespun's Rococo pop-up

Open world platform Roblox has revealed a collaboration with supermodel Karlie Kloss as part of the ongoing expansion to the platform’s digital fashion community.

Launched today, the ‘Fashion Klossette Designer Showcase’ is a centralised hub in Roblox that allows visitors to explore five different pop-up shops featuring community-created fashion collections, each with a different theme and located within varying areas of the platform.

Kloss worked with five hand-picked Roblox designers on the curation of their digital collections, which can each be tried and bought within the virtual stores.

Designers selected include Lovespun, with a looks inspired by high school, Reverse_Polarity, who touches on gothic trends and gilded age pieces, RynityRift, with a cyberpunk collection, and Yourius, who designed a modernised Western line.

Samuel Jordan, also known as Builder Boy, was also among those chosen by Kloss, offering up looks inspired by Miami’s art deco aesthetic.

In a release, Jordan said: “The fashion industry has a lot to teach digital fashion. But digital fashion has a lot to teach the fashion industry. Working with Karlie, we learned from each other. That is the best way to create.”

Speaking on the collaboration, Kloss also recognised the intersection between fashion and technology, and stated that she believed digital fashion will have an impact on the industry’s evolution.

She added: “Roblox and its community of digital designers are revolutionising how people express themselves online, uninhibited by the limitations of the physical world.”

The Kloss x Roblox experience will run until July 25 and can be easily accessed through the Roblox events tab.

Image: Roblox, Builder Boy Miami pop-up
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