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Rodebjer collaborates with Swedish Stockings

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Rodebjer x Swedish Stockings

Conscious Scandi womenswear brand Rodebjer has collaborated with Swedish Stockings on an exclusive capsule collection of tights, tops, leggings and socks.

The collection combines Rodebjer’s signature prints with Swedish Stockings’ innovative design and sustainable production to offer timeless pieces featuring vibrant prints, including a purple check pattern and a floral print in techno green made from recycled materials.

Carin Rodebjer, creative director and founder of Rodebjer, said in a statement: “It’s always refreshing and encouraging to have the opportunity to partner with brands which share our ambition and long-term vision. Swedish Stockings’ approach to circular fashion is inspiring, Linn and her team’s curiosity and unique way of tackling sustainability is full of optimism for the future of fashion - making this collaboration effortless and filled with excitement for us at Rodebjer.

“Through this collection we revel in our love for prints through bright and energetic graphics that we hope will encourage individuals to be themselves in their everyday life. This collaboration is a celebration of individuals who use fashion expressively and consume it consciously.”

Image: Rodebjer x Swedish Stockings

While it is not yet possible to make new tights out of discarded tights, Swedish Stockings is already going full circle by converting discarded hosiery into statement tables which gives a second life to stockings and prevents them from ending up in landfills. To support the initiative, Rodebjer will join the Swedish Stockings recycling programme by inviting customers to donate their old stockings in Rodebjer stores.

Linn Frisinger, chief executive and founder of Swedish Stockings added: “Our mission is to drive change and influence the hosiery industry to become more sustainable. We believe this is best achieved by sharing knowledge and joining forces with like-minded brands. The collaboration with Rodebjer offers us an opportunity to reach new audiences whilst safekeeping our beliefs.”

Image: Rodebjer x Swedish Stockings
Image: Rodebjer x Swedish Stockings
Image: Rodebjer x Swedish Stockings
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