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Romeo Hunte showcases first men’s ready-to-wear collection at NYFW: Men’s

By Kristopher Fraser

14 Jul 2018

Brooklyn is slowly becoming more relevant to the New York fashion scene. It is one of the boroughs where streetwear style originated, so that comes as no surprise in a growing streetwear market. This season for his spring 2019 collection designer Romeo Hunte was inspired by Brooklyn streetwear style, with luxe streetwear meeting swimwear for men who want outerwear with a new twist.

The show started at a very delayed 1:48 p.m., with an originally scheduled start time of 1 p.m. While fashionably late is the gold standard for runway shows, that was a bit excessive. Nevertheless, the show went on.

Hunte tried something very original this season: juxtaposing swimwear against outerwear. Oversized coats were paired with swimsuits and shorts for an idea that could work for runway and editorial, but might lack practicality for everyday wear. Still, Hunte’s craftsmanship was to be admired. Who would think to ever contrast swimwear with fur? That is a testament to the designer’s innovation in itself.

The collection also featured mixed media jackets, light overcoats, and wetsuits. It personified the nature of water and fur through design, with the color palette including blue, red, and yellow. Mink fur was Hunte’s preference of choice, with other fabrics including denim, cotton, and French terry.

Hunte is still on a learning process as a designer, but he is continuing to elevate himself. While he is still dancing this line between streetwear and luxe, he is finding himself. He is on his way to becoming more versatile, and there is plenty more to expect from him.

Photos: Courtesy of the brand