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Saucony Originals launch zero-percent plastic shoe

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

3 Mar 2021


Saucony Originals is launching its first low environmental impact model this month, made from seven natural and renewable materials and does not contain plastic or petroleum derivatives.

Described as a “very important milestone” for the high-performance apparel and sports shoe brand, the new Jazz Court RFG combines classic shoemaking techniques with modern manufacturing to make its most sustainable shoe ever. 

Launching on March 10, the Jazz Court RFG is the result of years of research, added the brand, and is part of its commitment to “leave a lighter footprint on the planet” by choosing materials and processes to continue to create the best trainers possible with the least environmental impact. 
 “The result is a shoe that is durable, but that won’t last forever. And that is exactly what Saucony is trying to accomplish,” added Saucony Originals in a statement.

Saucony Originals launches its most sustainable shoe ever, the Jazz Court RFG

Each step of the process has been adapted to reduce energy and avoid chemical use, explained the brand. For example, paint was replaced by a mixture of flour and water to mark the stitching points, while chalk was used to mark and align the upper and midsole. 

Other details that made the sustainable difference included using gardenia flowers for the blue dye of the collar lining and beetroot juice as an ink to print the size information into the insole. 

Cotton is used in the canvas upper and thread in the sidewall stitch holding the shoe together, with rubber used for the midsole is 100 percent Lactae Hevea, created from the milk of the Hevea tree, and wood in the form of Eucalyptus-tree fibres were spun to create the shoelaces.

In addition, Jute’s durability plays an important part in the shoe, with its natural plant fibre spun into strong threads, and sheep’s wool has been used for the sockliner.

It isn’t just the shoe itself, Saucony Originals have also made sure that the packaging has been designed to have the least possible impact, with the paper and cardboard being 100 percent recycled and the traditional ink has been replaced with a soy-based ink. 

“A lighter footprint for the good of the planet, the creation of the RFG is the first of many steps Saucony are taking towards a more sustainable future in footwear,” added the brand.

The first Jazz Court RFG release will be in raw cotton on March 10, priced 120 pounds, followed by a dark grey and a green version in April.

Images: courtesy of Saucony Originals