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Scotch & Soda announce collaboration with artist Edward Granger

By Rosalie Wessel

1 Dec 2021


Image: Scotch & Soda

Amsterdam based fashion brand Scotch & Soda have announced its collaboration with New York artist, Edward Granger.

Dedicated to celebrating “the free spirit of Amsterdam in Miami,” the collaboration will launch at the same time as Miami Art Week.

Alongside a mural installation, two limited edition t-shirts will be released, featuring Granger’s signature abstract geometric artwork. Scotch & Soda aims to reflect Granger’s vibrant and colourful work in a way that expresses its individuality and authenticity.

Granger’s mural, named The Free Spirit of Miami, will take over the facade of the Scotch & Soda Wynwood Miami store. It will remain standing for one year at its Wynwood Walls location - an area well known for displaying large scale works by famous street artists.

“When my gallery Tuleste Factory first came to me with the opportunity for a collaboration with Scotch and Soda, the vision became quickly clear: to create a visual representation of the free spirit in all of us. A mural that would visually inform the viewer about the random, awkwardly beautiful fantasy world around every one of us,” said Granger. “Each new shape begins to connect and capture gradients of colours with objects that are seamlessly diffused.”

Scotch & Soda will celebrate the partnership with Granger at a cocktail party, located on the rooftop of the Casa Faena hotel. There, Granger has also added his own artistic touch, creating geometric plywood structures in a colourful, temporary installation.