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Selfridges to launch exclusive Canada Goose range

By Vivian Hendriksz


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British department store group Selfridges is set to launch a special Canada Goose collection, which features some of the brands most iconic products. However, as Selfridges has a strict no-fur policy in place, the items from the collection, which consist of an assortment of classic menswear pieces, will all be fur-free.

In order to showcase the exclusive collection launch, Selfridges is set to launch a pop-up store at its flagship store on Oxford Street, London on January 9, which will run until the 23. A dedicated area within the menswear department will be transformed into an Arctic inspired area and share more information on the brand. Items from the limited edition collection include the Foxe Bomber jacket, with a removable shearling collar, the Lodge down vest, filled with white duck down, and the Moraine Shell waterproof jacket. Prices for the collection range from 325 pounds for the vest to 850 pounds for the jacket.

Even though the items offered by Canada Goose at the Selfridges pop-up do not contain fur and Candada has a strict policy when it comes to the sourcing of its down, some question Selfridges decision to collaborate with a outerwear brand which is well established for its continual use of real fur. “It's welcome news that Selfridges, which won shoppers' hearts and business by being fur-free, will not allow Canada Goose to sell its coyote fur–trimmed jackets in its stores,” commented Yvonne Taylor, Senior Manager of Corporate Projects for animal rights organisation PETA.

"Despite the assurances that suppliers may offer to companies, there's no traceability and no way to know with 100 per cent certainty where feathers come from. The promises of down, and feather suppliers are, in PETA’s experience, just as hollow as those of fur and angora wool suppliers. Even if feathers are plucked after slaughter, most birds will have experienced intensive confinement on factory farms and gruelling journeys to an abattoir through all weather extremes, and have their throats slit or are scalded to death in defeathering tanks, often while they're still conscious. The only thing you can guarantee is that all down comes from birds who are eventually killed violently and painfully, and the only way to ensure that you are not supporting these horrific practices is shun all down and feathers products."

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