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SheIn reported UK's most size-inclusive retailer

By Léana Esch


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Image: SheIn's UK website, Curve + Plus section

Online coupons provider Wethrift released its Inclusive Index, disclosing the most and least size-inclusive retailers available in the UK, from fast fashion brands to luxury labels. The winner? Online retailer SheIn.

A one-size-for-all approach is often witnessed in the fashion industry, all retailers and prices included. However, many brands have committed to being more inclusive and have developed their plus-size offering over the last few years. The UK’s average national size being a UK16 - EU44 and US14 - in women’s clothing, it comes as no surprise that proposing larger collections is necessary.

Analysing over a hundred retailers in the UK, Wethrift has built an Inclusive Index with findings organised by the number of items available in a size UK16 and over.

SheIn number one UK size-inclusive retailer

With 88,850 plus-size clothing options available to online shoppers, SheIn is by far leading the way in terms of inclusive sizing. Its offering ranges from a size UK6 to UK26 and has become increasingly popular over the last year and a half - the hashtag #sheinhaul led to an even bigger social media presence for the brand. The retailer’s massive assortment and low prices have proven to be a success - all age groups included - and now challenges more traditional go-to labels such as Zara and Urban Outfitters.

SilkFred is the runner-up, but with an assortment still far from SheIn’s with 15,900 options available to online shoppers. Yet, its size range is wider, proposing options from a UK4 to a UK32. Department store Debenhams closes the top three with 14,762 pieces, this time ranging from a UK4 to a UK40, making it the retailer with the most sizes available for sale. It’s followed closely by PrettyLittleThing, Next and John Lewis.

As far as wide fit shoes are concerned, the top three remain the same, with a total of 22,043 options accessible across the three of them, with SheIn way ahead - it has an assortment of 21,680 pieces whereas SilkFred has 12 and Debenhams 351. Out of all the retailers analysed, less than half of them actually sell wide fit shoes, with big names such as H&M, Oasis and In The Style missing on the offering.

It’s interesting to highlight that Debenhams is the only one in the top three to have a physical presence, the other two selling their collections online only. While SheIn operates with a particularly low price point and delivers worldwide, SilkFred and Debenhams both practice mid-range prices, with deliveries available only in Europe and in the UK respectively.

Pull & Bear the least UK size-inclusive retailer

On the other end of the spectrum stands retailer Pull & Bear, with no plus-size offering and clothing ranging from a size UK2 to UK14. AllSaints doesn’t have any either and holds the second place while Vans stands third with only one plus-size option available on its website. When it comes to wide fit shoes, none of them has any for sale.

A gap in measurements

WeThrift also deciphered the measurements proposed, taking a size UK16 as a reference. Across all retailers analysed, the bust dimensions differed by 9.7cms, the waist by 12.5cms and hips by 13cms between the largest and smallest measurements. When comparing sizes and fits, WeThrift found out that Urban Outfitters’ measurements for a UK16 were actually smaller than some UK14 at other retailers such as Asos or New Look. However, many were still accurate with the national sizing references, chief among them John Lewis, New Look and Warehouse.

This gap between brands proves that two sizes are almost never the same, making it even harder for consumers to shop at different retailers without trying on and comparing fits beforehand and when shopping online, returning items that don’t fit.

Premium and luxury brands follow suit

Even though they don’t necessarily propose as large an offer as high street and mid-range retailers, premium and luxury brands still have an offering that’s constantly growing. WeThrift did a ranking dedicated to them specifically and revealed that Farfetch is ahead with 3,400 plus-size items available. Net-a-Porter comes second with 2,931 options and Harrods third with 2,255 props. Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana comes 7th, with an assortment of 797 pieces.

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