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Size zero debate continues

By FashionUnited


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Size zero models could be replaced in fashion magazines by "real-sized" women under plans for a media code of conduct to curb rising rates of eating disorders among the young. Fashion industry figures have joined magazine and newspaper editors to tackle the trend of rake-thin models being portrayed as the perfect shape. The moves come as part of a proposed £1 million package of measures to promote healthy body image.

The funding, which would be spread over four years, follows a parliamentary inquiry into body image which found young people wanted to see normal body sizes and shapes. Recent studies show that 81 per cent of women feel the media portray an unrealistic standard of beauty.

Media focus on obesity and weight issues has also been blamed for an alarming number of children being admitted to hospital with anorexia and bulimia. The Age recently revealed a three-fold rise in hospital admissions for children as young as 10 in the past two years.