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Soulland releases digital garment packages

By Rachel Douglass

13 Aug 2021


Image: Soulland

Danish brand Soulland has announced the release of a digital clothing piece now on sale, 48 hours after its Copenhagen Fashion Week show.

The Penelope suit is part of its SS22 collection and is available to the public as an NFT (non-fungible token) in collaboration with Web3 marketplace The Dematerialised. The brand hopes this digital drop will encourage creativity, with the ability for buyers to customise the look using digital pattern files supplied in the package. The NFT will use blockchain technology, with the suit mirroring the fabrics and prints of the collection in a totally digital realm.

Three NFT packages are available for purchase, with each one offering a different level of augmented reality. The collectable version allows individuals to use Snapchat’s digital try-on feature, while the digital option also includes the digital pattern files. The highest and most expensive package is exclusively available for one buyer. It comes with not only the digital try-on and digital pattern files, but also physical pattern files and a made-to-order version of the suit.

Image: Soulland, digital pattern files

“I think that it’s interesting to see how we can merge the digital world with the physical,” said Silas Oda Adler, creative director and co-founder of Soulland, in a statement. “The design process is the same with the digital look as the rest of the collection. The same fabrics, prints and inspiration. The only difference is that it does not exist IRL. The fact that we do connect it to a physical show makes it more relevant to me. That way you can actually have the discussion about the contrast between cyber life and real life.”

The digital garment drop accompanies the brand’s in-person SS22 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week, which centred around fairytales and storytelling. Pieces were based on whimsical characters from childhood memories and well-known fables.

Bold motifs and oversized silhouettes contrasted darker moodier items with fitted appearances. The materials chosen represent the brand’s commitment to sustainable sourcing, using deadstock fabrics and organic methods to create the fantasy inspired collection. The choice reflects the Soulland 2020 responsibility report stating its goal to be a transparent and socially responsible brand.

Image: Soulland, close up of Penelope Suit

Adler went on to say: “We were attracted to experiment with NFTs because they talk to the creator economy and because they are still in an innovation phase, plus we wanted to see the demand for see-now-buy-now with a digital asset from our SS Collection. The idea is fresh and I really think our design-led community will be into it.”