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SS23: the 5 key colours of the season

By Léana Esch



Credits: Pantone

Trend forecasting agency WGSN and innovative colour system Coloro have unveiled the five colours of the Spring-Summer 2023 season, including the colour of the year. While it may seem far ahead, we expect these hues to pop into the collections in 2022 before taking the lead and becoming ubiquitous in the industry by 2023.

The key takeaway from this forecast? Positivity and optimism are on their way back. The season looks at saturated colours that work well for both the digital and physical worlds and celebrate hope, stability and a form of balance - despite the challenges that are still ahead of us. The upbeat colours focus on a form of wellbeing and recovery, highlighting a need for natural healing, sustainability and circular economy. Evolving in a world that has a positive impact on our mental and physical health seems the underlying theme.

The five colours chosen also depict a new relationship with nature, as well as a tribute to a world that is slowly waking up after difficult times. Keep on reading to discover the five colours of SS23 in more detail.

Digital lavender

Chosen colour of the year 2023, Digital Lavender follows 2022’s Orchid Flower. Purple therefore remains hugely influential, representing positivity, wellness and healing. The stability it’s associated with is due to its short wavelength - reports show that it evokes calmness and serenity. Dubbed as a nod to the digital world we’re currently evolving in, this genderless colour will appear in both the spring-summer and autumn-winter collections of 2023, so expect lots of lavender iterations.


A natural evolution of WGSN’s 2022 Mango Sorbet colour, Sundial comes in a deeper hue that reminds of earth tones. Its brown influences feel more grounded, taking inspiration from organic sources that feel authentic. We’ve seen the cottagecore and goblincore trends rise over the last year and Sundial is a good example to illustrate the booming interest in the countryside and nature. The Resort and SS22 collections have already started showcasing DIY and artisanal-inspired silhouettes that illustrate this warm colour.

Luscious red

Luscious red is the brightest hue of the five presented by the agencies. Energetic and saturated, it’s also a bit translucent and appears as a real boost of optimism and positivity that stands for desire, passion and empowerment. Red is a staple of all seasons, but this particular variation is both elegant and fun - it embodies good vibes and good times and has a much-needed boldness.

Tranquil blue

Testament to a calmer and more harmonious future, Tranquil Blue seamlessly follows 2022’s Atlantic Blue shade, which was deeper and much more saturated. Happier times call for a lighter version - it illustrates a need to find a healthier lifestyle that juggles with digital and physical obligations. The idea is to reach a new form of calmness despite many changes and events occurring at the same time. Tranquil Blue celebrates a return to clarity, lightness and harmony in both our lives and wardrobes.


Reminiscing of 80s sportswear and outdoor gear, Verdigris is an energising shade that blends green and blue tones and appears as a less saturated alternative to teal. Its nostalgia is invigorating and highlights a return to nature with green as a starting point. Appealing to both physical spaces and digital media, Verdigris seems to be a modern hue that’ll stand the test of time.