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Stella McCartney to recreate Meghan Markle's wedding reception dress

By Kristopher Fraser


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In honor of the relaunch of her global flagship store at 23 Bond Street, Stella McCartney will be recreating Meghan, Duchess of Sussex's wedding reception gown that she wore for her recent marriage to Prince Harry.

In relation to the number 23, McCartney is designing 23 lily-white and 23 onyx-black evening dresses, titled "Made with Love." All the gowns are identical with a high-neck, low-back, and floor length skirt.

“I knew when I was working on the dress with Meghan that it was beautiful,” McCartney said to Vogue UK. “I knew it would be a dress that people would want, and, in that moment, you can think, 'Nobody can have it!', or you can share it. It's a very 'Stella McCartney' dress, so it didn't feel like I was cheating anyone, or not being us.”

The gowns are handcrafted from sustainable viscose and retail for 3,500 British pounds. They will be available to preview for one week only within the "Member and Non Members Only Club" at 23 Bond. Don't think just anyone will be getting to view these, however. In order to get an appointment clients must e-mail 23oldbond.store@stellamccartney.com, and then receive an appointment confirmation from Stella McCartney herself.

McCartney, who has designed custom bridal and did bridal when she was at Chloé, has been focusing on growing her business since she left parent company Kering. Bridal is looked like a potential part of her business now thanks to the traction she recieved after dressing Meghan Markle.

photo: via AP
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