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Stella McCartney wins appeal over "Fur-Free Fur" trademark

By Robyn Turk


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Stella McCartney has been granted approval to register its term "Fur-Free Fur" as a trademark for the brand.

The vegetarian luxury brand has been using the term Fur Free Fur since its launch in 2001 to label its high-end faux fur material, which it describes as a "no compromise, modern statement that demonstrates what the future of fashion looks like today." McCartney's Fur Free Fur items are typically made using a blend of sustainable materials such as modacrylic, cotton or polyester.

The brand won an appeal over the term, meaning it can now register "Fur-Free Fur" as a trademark for its imitation-fur items. This appeal reverses an earlier decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which had said that the application for "Fur-Free Fur" was not descriptive enough to warrant a trademark.

Now, after two years of fighting for the term, Stella McCartney can now file to register its “Fur-Free Fur” term as a trademark.

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