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Superdry partners with Versarien on enhanced garment production

By Rosalie Wessel


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Image: Versarien

Apparel brand Superdry has partnered with engineering materials group, Versarien on enhanced garments and future textiles.

The collaboration has already prompted development on a product that will use Versarien Graphene Wear technology, in order to import the thermal and moisture management properties of graphene. This is in the hopes that the product will have improved performance and an extended lifespan, due to graphene being an extremely thermally conductive material.

Superdry stated that through using Versarien’s innovative graphene technology, it believes its environmental impact will be lowered and there will be a reduction in the need to add virgin material during the recycling process.

Versarien, which has scientists and laboratories at the Universities of Manchester and Cambridge, will speed up Superdry’s focus on innovation. Through graphene’s strength, garments will become stronger and more long lasting, allowing for it to be worn more, which increases its sustainability.

“We are delighted that Superdry has publicly announced our collaboration,” said CEO of Versarien, Neill Ricketts. “Since we have started working with Superdry we have developed a number of sample garments and its decision to announce the collaboration and the future launch of the products we are developing together is, I believe, a testament to the benefits they see in utilising Versarien’s graphene technology.”

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