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Takashi Murakami collaborates with Vans

By Kristopher Fraser


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New York - For those of us who remember those posh Louis Vuitton Murakami bags, the name Takashi Murakami should already be familiar to us. Murakami is also known for collaborating with Issey Miyake, though it was his work with Louis Vuitton that brought him international acclaim. The price tags for some of those Murakami bags were trending towards 2400 dollars for certain styles, so, they were certainly an investment.

Now, after years of high-end collaborations, Murakami has given the public a collaboration that is affordable: his latest collaboration with skate shoe company Vans. The limited edition collaboration will be released under the Vault by Vans line, and will feature Murakami's signature anime-inspired motifs of flowers and skull prints. Murakami himself is actually a big fan of Vans, so, he was certainly thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with one of his most preferred shoe brands.

“For the past 10-plus years, without exaggeration, I have been wearing Vans slip-ons almost every single day,” he said to the New York Times. “For me, there are no other shoes that are so comfortably wearable that let me focus on producing my artwork.” The collaboration doesn't just stop at the shoes, however. The capsule collection will also include a line of t-shirts and skate decks.

The full collection will be available globally beginning June 27. The shoes will be offered in six adult unisex colors alongside a trio of toddler-sized offerings. If history repeats itself, any collaboration Murakami does is sure to be a success, so, Vans could be looking at some impressive sales numbers for the summer.

Photo: Highsnobiety.com

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