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Talking sustainability with Runa Ray

By Kristopher Fraser

12 Sep 2017

As the retail industry continues to become more saturated there are rising concerns about sustainability. While Fashion Week is without question a very glamour focused scene, there are those designers who are really invested in the sustainability of fashion without sacrificing style. Runa Ray is one of those designers.

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This season for her spring/summer 2018 fashion show, Ray focused on sustainable fashion and used botanical prints that were created using organic dying processes.

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With sustainability starting to effect the fashion market, Ray thinks it is an absolute need for every designer. "Sustainability is not a trend," she says. "It's a way of life. We need to adapt to more sustainable practices, otherwise the future of fashion will go downstream."

Runa Ray stresses sustainability at New York Fashion Week

Rather than just being a fashion show, this was an opportunity for education. "We need to educate the public," Ray says. "The more we put sustainability out there and the more they see it, we will definitely get somewhere with people starting to make more demand for sustainable clothes."

For her collection, the designer opened with a beautiful white dress with her gorgeous botanical prints. The dress spoke to the idea of nature coming together with sustainability, rather than your typical florals for spring.

On trend for the season, several dresses featured sequins and beading. Gold and pink, which are also trending this season, were major parts of her color palette as well.

This season, the designer also showed several menswear pieces, and while she is known for her womenswear, she proved she has talent in menswear as well with statement sweaters and relaxed trousers.

The show closed with a model holding a sign that said "Imagination is the Only Weapon Against Reality." It was a friendly reminder we should dare to keep dreaming in these perilous times. There's hope yet, and it can be found with style.

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