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Technology dominates ‘most loved’ brands

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

23 May 2016


Tech giants Apple and Google continue to dominate ‘most loved’ brands over consumer goods companies, according to the latest Brand Passion Report from Netbase that lists the top 25 UK Brands.

Topping the ranking of most loved brands in the UK was Apple, which received over 400,000 more mentions than Google in second place, and seven times as many total mentions as Lego in third. The highest ranking fashion brand in the UK was sportswear giant Adidas, which came in ninth place, followed by luxury fashion house Chanel in tenth.

The report, which measures brand mentions on social media, reveals that the UK are tech talkers, with technology companies dominated the conversation and accounted for 12 percent of the top 25 most loved UK brands, which was mainly down to Apple and Google who alone represented 64 percent of the overall UK brand mentions.

Consumer goods companies, including Adidas and Chanel, represented 28 percent of the most loved brands in the UK, however, only took 13 percent of the volume of mentions. Other fashion companies who made the top 25 includes Dior ranking in 13th place, Burberry coming in at 16th place, closely followed by Hermes in 17th, while Gucci took 22nd spot, and department store John Lewis was ranked 25th in the chart.

Commenting on the report, Paige Leidig, chief marketing officer at NetBase, said: “While it’s not altogether surprising that Apple came out on top if we look beneath the surface it tells us that here is a company that has created an enviable passion among its consumers.

“Understanding consumer preference is more than simply measuring the volume of social media content it’s about understanding the intensity of passion and feeling in those posts. Most consumer purchases are won on emotion and the Brand Love List measures brand love and every single version of it; it tells us which brands people love the most.”

Image: Courtesy of Adidas