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Telfar launches bag security program

By Kristopher Fraser



In an effort to help customers better secure their coveted Telfar shopping bags, the company has launched a new Bag Security Program. Telfar has recently faced issues with bots swarming their website in anticipation of restocks. In response to this, the new Bag Security Program which will allow for unlimited pre orders of the shopping totes for 24 hours beginning this Wednesday.

A statement on the brand's website read, "Telfar is a black-owned, non-gendered fashion project established in 2004. The Shopping Bag first dropped in 2014 — meaning: our bag ain't new — it’s the world that changed. Let’s keep it changing. We feel all the love we are getting, and we feel the frustration too.We are not about hype and scarcity. We didn’t set out to make an impossible to get product. The whole point of our bag is accessibility and community. But the truth is (with or without the bots and resellers) when thousands of bags sell per second we can't even know how many to make. We plan production 6 months in advance. It takes time and money to make bags and we are 100 percent self-financed.

Telfar is hoping that through this new Bag Security Program will help to reduce the scarcity of the bag, as they are committed to inclusivity and want to avoid the bag turning into an exclusive product. Stipulations for the new Bag Security Program include full payment at checkout, no changes or refunds allowed, and delivery will be guaranteed between December 15 2020 and January 15 2021.

The appeal of the Telfar shopping bag has become a cultural phenomenon. The bag, which is symbolic of the democratization of fashion and the work of a queer Black designer, has arguably become the It Bag of the decade, and the decade has just begun. The bags alone are transforming Telfar into a multi-million dollar business.

photo: via shop.oogaboogastore.com

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