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The Frntal launches physical and NFT marketplace for emerging designers

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: The Frntal

New platform The Frntal is launching in February to “empower the future of fashion and designer pioneers” by offering emerging designers and brands access to a direct-to-consumer marketplace, blockchain technology and an online press room.

The new digital platform is looking to revolutionise PR for young creativities with a tailored programme that will “equip designers with the tools they need today,” to propel their businesses forward “on terms that can afford,” rather than what it calls large and unnecessary PR and sales activations.

The cost-effective solution will give young, independent brands access to connected services across retail, marketing, PR and communications, celebrities and talent collaborations, as well as partnerships.

The Frntal bills itself not only as an online retailer but also as a service that can help brands increase their press coverage by connecting them with buyers, journalists, editors and stylists in an online press room.

Alongside the PR, The Frntal will also launch a marketplace for its clients to sell physical and digital items direct-to-consumer. The platform incorporates blockchain technology and NFT sales, allowing creatives to expand their digital footprint and services into the public meta market.

The platform will work with the latest in-game engines, NFTs, blockchain authentication and augmented reality, combined with manufacturing expertise to support designers in the creation of one of a kind NFT collections and digital artefacts, adds The Frntal.

The company also believes that the data from NFT sales will become a valuable tool for the fashion industry by providing data about garments, designs and trends and that blockchain technology is an enabler for “a more democratic, connected, and valuable way of creating digital fashion experiences”.

“Digital fashion is a vast and untapped creative terrain, where the previously physically impossible becomes possible,” explains The Frntal in a statement. “We see ourselves as ‘fashionauts’ committed to exploring the potential of this new world bringing our expertise in the digital fashion sector, to help designers deep dive into its unlimited possibilities.”

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