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The hottest street style trends from Berlin Fashion Week

By Ole Spötter


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Photo: Nick Leuze

After capricious weather this summer, the sun came out just in time for Berlin Fashion Week, allowing the guests at the numerous events and runway shows to present their hot-day looks after all.

In this article, FashionUnited has put together the hottest street style trends from the German capital for you, captured by photographer Nick Leuze for FashionUnited.

Statement hats and plateau shoes

A wide-brimmed hat is not only a big help in shielding you from the sun - it also makes a real statement. Depending on the style and outfit, matching headgear comes in great variety: the choice of shape, colour, size and material seems limitless.

Photos: Nick Leuze

Lace bonnets complemented delicate pastel outfits for a minimalist look just as skilfully as shiny black puffer hats. But it is not only a wide-brimmed sun hat that really rounds off a bright overall ensemble, plateau shoes also set the right accents, ranging from plush to pistachio green finishes.

Menswear trend skirt

Like fashion as a whole, menswear continues to change and in some cases become more androgynous. One of the latest trends for men is to wear skirts - and not just as Irish kilts. Stars like musician Harry Styles and actor Jaden Smith are leading the way and some fans of the trend were also spotted in Berlin.

Photos: Nick Leuze

Skirts could be seen in different lengths and reached to the ankles or just above the knee. The pleats were also striking, sometimes pale pink or inconspicuous black.

Sleeveless and lightweight coats

Despite the sunny weather, the Berlin crowd were also evidently sceptical about how long it would stick about, with many complimenting their looks with a lightweight coat or a version without sleeves. From blazer coats to workwear, it was all there.

Photos: Nick Leuze

Colours galore

Even though some stuck to the classic dress code of black on black, many did not let colour get in the way at Berlin Fashion Week. Some favoured bright, rich colours with contrasting bold looks while others preferred quiet transitions between pastel shades and elegant high heels.

Photos: Nick Leuze

FashionUnited was invited to the event by Fashion Council Germany.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.de. Edited and translated by Simone Preuss.

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