The Model's Health Pledge launches in Amsterdam

London - The Model's Health Pledge, an online platform and reporting point focused on creating a healthy working environment for models in the fashion industry has launched in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The initiative was created by a network of leading Dutch fashion companies and professionals, including Glamour, Elite Models and Vogue. Since its launch, more than 30 companies have signed the pledge, which encompasses twelve promises to help protect the mental wellbeing and physical health of models. The 12 promises are as followed:

Models, modelling agencies, clients and media:

  • 1. Recognize that health is essential for the modelling profession;
  • 2. Give a realistic picture of the modelling business with attention for the (healthy) lifestyle of models;
  • 3. Speak to each other when identifying an unhealthy/unwanted situation;
  • 4. Are committed to assign the following tasks to an independent body with expertise and authority within six months:

    · monitoring the implementation of this pledge;

    · assessing requests for co-signing this pledge;

    · receiving and reviewing (anonymous) reports of any problematic or unhealthy situations;

    · discussing deviations from this pledge and giving advice on improvement.

  • Modelling agencies and organisations focused on guidance of models:

  • 5. Organise, whether or not at the model’s request, professional guidance and personal or group coaching on responsible nutrition, physical and mental training such as dealing with stress;
  • 6. Provide realistic information about the requirements in the modelling business, the requirements for models, the work environment and the treaties that take place within the industry;
  • 7. Match assignments with models and asses them on possible harmfulness for physical or psychological health;
  • 8. Create a model contract, if possible jointly, that establishes the relationship between client and the contractor, with a focus on health aspects;
  • 9. Avert unreliable clients.
  • Clients (designers, retailers and media):

  • 10. Do not give assignments that harm the physical or mental health of models;
  • 11. Assign no models that visibly neglect their own health and only work with healthy models;
  • 12. Transparently communicate the demands put on models and the contents thereof (activities, workload, adequate rest times, catering and financial settlement)

Following the launch of the pledge on Thursday evening, a website dedicated to the pledge has gone live, and local fashion businesses and professionals are encouraged to join the initiative. The online platform offers direct access to experts in the fields of sports, nutrition, fashion, and personal development. It also offers a dedicated area for agencies, companies and models to report any form of misconduct.

By having access to a reporting point, the pledge signatories hope to gain insights towards the issues faced by models in the industry and work towards improving them. Any reports made about the Model Health Pledge signatories will be processed with all involved parties, and the improvement process and results will be shared with the person who filed the report.

All reports filed, as well as improvements taken, will be included in the annual report of the Model's Health Pledge, which will be shared with Pledge signatories to help bring about positive change in the fashion industry. The launch of the pledge follows on from the international fashion weeks and French fashion conglomerates LVMH and Kering own model charter.

The model charter, which was developed "to ensure the well-being of models" bans the hiring of girls under the age of 16 for adult photo shoots or events. In addition, it sees the fashion holding companies, which control a number of the industry's leading luxury brands between them, pledge to only use female models who are size 6 (size 34) or up.

Photo: Model's Health Pledge, Facebook


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