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The Renewal Workshop teams up with New Balance to launch New Balance Renewed

By Kristopher Fraser


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Image: The Renewal Workshop

The Renewal Workshop (TRW), a provider of circular solutions for the apparel and textile industry, has partnered with New Balance for “New Balance Renewed ” giving their apparel a second life. New Balance Renewed aims to extend the life of imperfect or returned items, helping to keep them out of landfills and offers customers a way to shop renewed product that is still quality.

Through TRW’s proprietary six-stage, zero-waste process, garments are sorted, graded, thoroughly cleaned, repaired to like-new standards, inspected, and verified to joint quality standards, then given a TRW certification. Each item’s impact is measured to illustrate consumers’ tangible difference by purchasing a New Balance Renewed product.

“Bringing on iconic brands is a part of TRW’s partnership expansion plan,” said Nicole Bassett, co-founder of TRW, in a statement. “With this launch, New Balance Renewed becomes a driver of renewing products and launching re-commerce in the athletic wear sector.” 

“New Balance is constantly learning and evolving our approach to create quality, long-lasting design. In April 2021, TRW led a workshop during New Balance’s Design Week to help educate designers on how to intentionally design future apparel for repairability and garment recycling,” said John Stokes, director of global sustainability for New Balance, in a statement. “Together with The Renewal Workshop, we’re keeping apparel in use for longer and learning how to design for circular.”

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