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The Restory launches aftercare for clothing

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

4 Aug 2021


Image: courtesy of The Restory by Nicole Markhoff

Luxury aftercare provider The Restory, known for refurbishing leather bags and shoes, is extending its portfolio of services to include clothing for the first time.

The Restory, founded in 2017, provides trusted aftercare services for luxury fashion globally, intending to extend the longevity of bags and shoes. Its newly launched clothing aftercare services will include cleaning, maintenance repairs and replacements, as well as bespoke alterations, including couture and tailoring.

The new category launch coincides with bespoke alteration services at ReSelfridges: The Wedding at Selfridges Corner Shop in London, which runs for five weeks, where The Restory will provide their clothing services alongside shoes, bags and leather goods.

Vanessa Jacobs, founder and chief executive of The Restory, said in a statement: “Having spent years cracking the complexity of leather goods, launching our clothing vertical is a natural progression for The Restory.

“Extending ‘desirable life’, whether through repair, cleaning, or alterations, is the most stylish and sustainable way to consume. Our aim is to make falling in love again with your favourites as easy and trustworthy as possible.”

Image: courtesy of The Restory by Nicole Markhoff