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These are the four denim trends for Spring/Summer 2022

By Ole Spötter


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After the April edition of the Kingpins denim fair took place online, the most recent edition in Amsterdam also went digital. On the digital KP24 Amsterdam Amy Leverton of Denim Dudes presented the most important denim trends for the spring / summer 2022 season. FashionUnited shares the four trends below.

Work in progress

The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, "The way is the goal." This wisdom also seems to be increasingly important for consumers: Work in progress is about the idea and inspiration behind the product. According to Leverton, these two points increase the value that consumers place on the final product.

There is no one ideal way to implement this: the process of improving the idea and inspiration behind the product can be done through mixed media with digital and 3D design, as well as through techniques such as upcycling or layering .

The trend not only refers to the creative production methods, but also to the story behind the product. This includes cultural references, political approaches, but also the creative people who tell the story behind a design and especially come to the fore through collaboration.

The color palette is also wide, with a wide variety of influences, the Work in Progress trend presented strong and playful tones.

Images: Y/Project SS21 via Catwalkpictures | Candiani/Dim Mak | Wrangler x Orville Peck


Lowkey is all about an eye for detail and quality. The design is more minimalistic than flashy and busy: It is not the large labels and all-over prints that appeal to the consumer, but small details such as a special zipper or the buttons.

The quality aspect also relates to the production: where does the material come from and how high is its quality? So manufacturers have to be really safe and happy with the product and rather take the time to get this done than get the product on the shelves as soon as possible.

“As the system of the global apparel industry is changing, we are less concerned with a time frame that puts quantity over quality. [...] Responsibility must come first,” said Leverton.

In terms of style, Lowkey revives the 80s and 90s: 'Smart casual' with jeans and blazer or a matching 'two-piece', but also oversized basics and a wide cut.

What also suits the reserved style is the color palette, which is kept in white, beige, brown, but can also show a bit of color - such as red, green and blue.

Images: JuunJ SS21 via Catwalkpictures | Y/Project SS21 via Catwalkpictures | Y/Project SS21 via Catwalkpictures


Devolution (contraction of digitization and evolution, ed.) Focuses on systematic change. Brands that follow this path place social responsibility, structural equality, the environment and the craftsmanship above consumption and the economic aspect. The change of our society to a 'better world' is in the foreground. The health crisis has given us all, humans and nature, a positive, alternative lifestyle, Leverton said.

Here too, the background of the product plays an important role: where does the product come from and how is it produced? However, the focus goes beyond sustainable production and is about waste and how much residual production is left behind after producing a design.

All in all, this trend seems to take us back to basics and focus more on the craft art: from upcycling to homemade textures such as batiks, painting or traditional techniques, there are no limits.

Images: Collina Strada SS21 via Catwalkpictures | Screenshot 69us via Instagram


This trend is aimed at investing more in a good product. However, the focus on money should not take the lead. Rather, the aim is to invest in modern technology that makes denim production more circular and sustainable. An example of this is 'Relz Black Denim', a sustainable black denim fabric developed by G-Star Raw together with Artistic Milliners and Archroma. This also includes new possibilities for prints such as laser printing or the use of regenerative fibers.

But not only product development plays an essential role, sales are also important: options such as resale and rental of clothing are becoming increasingly popular.

The color palette for 'Investment' is very varied, from pastel shades to washed-out colors created by recycling.

Images: Levi’s, Daily Paper, G-Star Raw

Main picture: Y / Project SS21 via Catwalk pictures

This article was previously published on FashionUnited.DE, then translated and edited into English by Kelly Press

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