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ThredUp introduces "Thrift Card" gift cards for holiday shopping

By Robyn Turk


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ThredUp has launched a gift card service to encourage shoppers to consider secondhand shopping this holiday season. The online thrift store recognized that almost half of all shoppers would consider buying secondhand clothing as a holiday gift, according to a 2019 Accenture study, and therefore saw this time as an opportunity to introduce shoppers to its "Thrift Cards."

Thrift Cards, which ThredUp launched on its website today, are e-gift cards shoppers can buy online and give to others.

“In years past, there’s been a stigma around gifting secondhand," ThredUp's VP of integrated marketing Erin Wallace. "It’s exciting that the tides are turning and we’re seeing those perceptions shift. As consumers demand more sustainable options and are increasingly bored by the experience of retail, secondhand is quickly surfacing as a responsible and unique gift option.”

The online thrift store hopes to motivate shoppers against buying new items as gifts with the launch of its Thrift Cards. This way, ThredUp believes it can help cut holiday waste and serve conscious consumers who want to gift sustainably.

Photo: ThredUp Facebook

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