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Timberland announces goal to be net positive by 2030

By Andrea Byrne

1 Sept 2020


Timberland has announced a goal for its products to have a net positive impact on nature by 2030.

The global outdoor lifestyle brand’s two measurable aims are for its products to be 100 percent circularly designed and for 100 percent of its natural materials to be sourced from regenerative agriculture.

“The environment today is in a degraded state. As a footwear and apparel brand, we are part of the problem. For decades Timberland has worked to minimise our impact, but it’s time to do better than that. Imagine a boot that puts more carbon back into the land than was emitted during production,” Colleen Vien, director of sustainability for Timberland, said in a statement.

“By following nature’s lead, and focusing on circular design and regenerative agriculture, we aim to tip the scales to have a net positive impact, to go beyond sustainability and help nature thrive. We are incredibly excited about this journey, and hope to inspire the industry as a whole to work together and change the trajectory of our collective future.”

By working with pioneering regenerative farmers, Timberland is hoping to pilot new regenerative cotton, rubber, wool and sugarcane supply chains. The brand is also working to build a regenerative leather supply chain in Australia, Brazil and the US.

“In and of itself, nature is balanced. Ecosystems work together in perfect harmony. Modern civilisation challenges this state, but as we’ve seen time and again, nature has the innate power to restore and regenerate itself when given the chance,” Vien continued. “And we as humans can act as stewards. That’s our vision for 2030, to get carbon back in the soil where it belongs, and ultimately give back more than we take.”

Photo credit: courtesy of Timberland