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Timo Weiland makes a comeback at New York Men's Day

By Kristopher Fraser


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Fashion designer Timo Weiland has long been a staple of New York's fashion scene, from his party appearances, to DJing some of the biggest fashion and celebrity parties, and his fashion line, he truly is a man about town. However, creating collections has been on a hiatus for Weiland the past several years as he's focused on other business endeavors, even though he's still been keeping a toe in the fashion pool. At New York Men's Day he took a full dive back in with the return of his eponymous label.

"It's been a while in the works," Weiland said to FashionUnited. "We've been working over a year developing the new collection and new direction of the line, and it just felt natural for us to go into suiting and into versatile modern, colorful pieces that reflect our personalities in a collection. It's an ongoing one category mastering of the essentials."

Weiland's previous offerings had much more of a casual Americana vibe, and while he acknowledges that even though he's shifted to casual suiting he sees his line as having grown up and evolving into more of what a man's wardrobe needs now. Tailored pieces were featured in pastel pink, sky blue, and crimson. The suiting pieces were contrasted with graphic T-shirts, patterned button-up shirts, and even a hoodie for one look showcasing that these suits can be fit for the office or a casual day out.

While streetwear has been dominating the menswear market the past few seasons, it is beginning to fall behind tailoring as men's tastes are once again changing. With this shift, Weiland had excellent timing for relaunching a suiting focused menswear collection. "The pendulum has swung the other way," he said to FashionUnited. "People are really returning to the art of dressing and taking pride in what one buys and puts on their body. I want my brand to be what that stands for."

Weiland described that collection as an edge that is refined, and while younger consumers especially put more emphasis on individuality, there is a new way to wear a suit that that will stem from that starting with collections like this one. The traditional buttoned-up neutral suit and tie look is a dying art form, but men still value the art of dressing up. Men also still want to look and feel powerful, and you do that with a suit, but the approach is changing.

"There's such a spectrum now for who my customer is," Weiland said to FashionUnited. "There's non-binary people, men, women, everyone across the board of every color, age, creed. There's no limitations to who it is and we're excited about dressing such a wide audience, and it's been so fun to address all of these people."

It's a new era for Timo Weiland, that has come at just the right time. Suiting is back and better than ever.

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