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Tokyo Fashion Week to return to mostly physical shows

By Kristopher Fraser


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Image: Tokyo Fashion Week

Tokyo Fashion Week is returning to mostly in-person shows for the first time in two years. 30 of the 54 participating designers will be doing physical shows. Japan is slowly working on returning to a post-pandemic world, as the globe still combats the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tokyo Fashion Week is currently scheduled for March 14 to 19. Internationally famous brand Tomo Koizumi is on the schedule, and Toga is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Masatomo Agari will hold his first runway show at Tokyo Fashion Week, and Bed J.W. Ford is collaborating with Launchmetrics on a show using 4D volumetrics that will enhance the experience for those watching virtually. This season again, the event is scheduled to be held at the main venues of Shibuya Hikarie and Omotesando Hills, along with other original venues chosen by individual brands.

Most brands this season will be homegrown in Japan, as international travel can still be complicated due to COVID-19. Tokyo Fashion Week has also made some adjustments to its typical calendar dates after buyers complained the Tokyo shows were too late. They opted to show at the earlier start of the international fashion calendar, which although received well, would eventually conflict with dates for things like Pitti Uomo.

For the first time ever, Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo has made a season promotion movie, created by an aspiring new artist, Nishina, and her latest single, Slow Motion, along with the illustrations by Gaako, an illustrator gathering attention with her unique worldview. Furthermore, an illustration depicting Shibuya in the background used in a scene in the movie will be used as this season’s main visual, to be shown at various locations around the official venues of Shibuya Hikarie and Omotesando Hills.

Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo