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Tommy Hilfiger launches Spring 2021 Adaptive collection

By Huw Hughes


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Tommy Hilfiger has launched the latest collection of its Adaptive line, which aims to make dressing easier for adults and children with disabilities.

The Spring 2021 collection features the brand’s classic mashup of sporty and preppy style with a number of modifications including easy-open necklines, extended zipper pulls, magnetic buttons, wide leg openings, and sliding drawcords.

The collection includes seated wear, apparel designed for wheelchair riders, which features tops with expanded back openings and bottoms with low fronts to reduce bunching. Uncomfortable pockets and seams have also been removed, and dual front plackets have been added for easier access.

The collection also includes clothing for people with prosthetics, with wide-leg openings and adjustable features on pants to accommodate leg braces, orthotics and casts.

“Getting dressed should be a joy - an experience that empowers you to look good and feel good in what you are wearing,” said founder Tommy Hilfiger in a release. “Our adaptive collections have revolutionized everyday dressing for people with disabilities, giving them the independence and confidence to express their individuality through style.”

The brand first launched an adaptive apparel collection for children back in 2016, before expanding it a year later to adult apparel.

The company now has a ‘shop by solution’ option on its website where shoppers can explore adaptive modifications. Items ordered online from the adaptive line arrive in accessible, user-friendly packaging that provides ease of opening and returning.

Image: Tommy Hilfiger

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