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Top 9 Tips From Fashion School Student To Look Awesome On a Budget

By FashionUnited


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The first thing that may come to your mind when you think about your college days is definitely the trend. Yes everyone wants to look stylish and awesome. But what happens when you realize you have a limited budget? Things were different during the high school days when you were not having the burden of paying the rent or student loan. You could have shopped for new clothes and accessories regularly or say every week.

With the beginning of college days, you start learning some new important lessons of life. One such thing is knowing how to spend your money wisely. You may be thinking about saving money, but all the glitters of the college life demand more spending. You have to spend money on necessities yet you crave for some luxuries. So it is indeed a learning phase of your life.

It is the toughest thing for fashion school students to have a wardrobe just fitting right in their budget. Whether you are a fashion school student who is expected to stay in the trend or the normal college goers, now you can look your best without spending a fortune. So here are some tips that will help you to stay in the budget and yet look awesome.

  1. Visit branded stores and go for the sale section. You are sure to find some exciting deals there even though the stores may be quite pricey.

  2. Some people shop and transform their wardrobe during the last season. You can even do the same. Just shop for fashion clothes at the clearance sale and gather some fresh clothes. You can find discounts on such items from Dealslands.co.uk

  3. Just work a bit on your closet and you are done. It is not necessary to shop and spend money on unnecessary things. Just try to work your way to make something new out of what you have. Experiment with the clothes and who knows you may set a new trend. Playing with layers can definitely upgrade your looks.

  4. The best way to have something new to wear that too for free is to go through the wardrobe of your mum or sister. You are sure to find something exciting there without spending a single penny. You can even exchange some clothes regularly and update the wardrobe.

  5. If you don’t have plans to spend a fortune on clothes then keep it simple. Buy some stunning pair of shoes and you are done. A good pair of shoes will go a long way and will keep you on trend.

  6. Keep an eye on sample sale calendar. You have to keep a track of the same to know when they are out. This way you will be able to enjoy having branded and designer products, but at a fraction of the price.

  7. Don’t shop for something unless you have set your heart on it. If you strongly feel to buy even after leaving the store simply come back and have it. Many people buy clothes only to realize that they are no more interested to have it. For the basic ones shop at the stores which offer best discounts .

  8. Look in your friend’s closet and you will surely find something interesting out there. At times it happens that your friend has outgrown some lovely clothes. You can have them for yourself and save the dress from dying in the closet.

  9. Always make the habit to choose items which you can wear with multiple outfits. This way you will be able to create a new style as well as get the maximum out of them.

For college goers, fashion is the demand of time. But it is not at all necessary to enjoy it by breaking your bank. Just be smart and make use of these tips and have amazing college days.

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