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Top Fashion Influencer of the week - UK

By FashionUnited



Credit: Courtesy of Alice Catherine

Alice is a Manchester-based blogger and fashion influencer. She has grown a community of 202 thousand followers on Instagram and 1.3 thousand on TikTok. Her voice on social media allows her to share some of the things she loves regarding beauty, fashion, lifestyle, as well as other topics she is passionate for. She shares this through multiple platforms, including an online blog, social media and even a podcast, inspired by living and working on the outskirts of the London blogging bubble.

The Alice Catherine blog is filled with inspirational content for her audience, with mood boards on fashion, beauty, books and playlists, as well as mini travel vlogs. This blog is the perfect tool to connect with her community, including a section where her followers can shop the fashion pieces she wears the most by linking directly to the page where they were ordered. Her signature style is based on her admiration for vintage fashion and icons of the 60's. Her daily outfits are classy, always with a delicate and feminine vibe. Some of the garments she wears the most are coats, blazers and jackets. Among her colour scheme, we often find some shades of brown and beige. She also wears dark neutral tones, such as navy blue, olive green, and grey, often combined with gingham patterns and stripes. When it comes to accessories, big and shiny earrings are essential to seal the look with the perfect touch.

So, if you are looking to find inspiration for a cosy yet elegant style, Alice has the complete package to add to your daily feed

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