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Trendstop Fall/Winter 2023-24 Women’s Catwalk Print

By Trendstop


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Trendstop brings FashionUnited readers an insight into the key catwalk print and graphics directions informing Fall Winter 2023-24 womenswear.

Seasonal motifs go deeper than surface pattern, as designers make social, cultural, and environmental statements through print. Imbued with dynamic movement, natural world themes are rendered in polluted shades, ancient artisanal techniques are revived, and childhood nostalgia meets the hyper reality of the digital realm.

Dynamic Polluted Florals

Florals take a darker turn for Fall, with polluted tones offering commentary on the state of natural environment and the climate crisis. Blooms are washed in murky tones to convey a more sombre mood, with dynamic, shifting forms and double patterns speaking to the uncertainty of a world in flux. Digital effects against dark backdrops sees earthly print transcend into the metaverse's alternate reality.

Etch A Sketch

A grown-up take on childhood Etch-A-Sketch renderings, blurred markings create smudged, hazy prints that combine nostalgic comfort with sophisticated textile technique. Abstract greyscale gradient tones soften harsh lines and represent an absence of clarity in uncertain times. Oblique placements and grainy speckles create pattern effects that offer effective digital print applications.

Primitive Curves

Primitive lines and symbols reconnect the modern global age with simpler times. Hand-drawn graphics and mark making act as a reminder of human origins and ancient artisanal skills. Indigenous print effects blend with new textile and fabrication techniques for a contemporary luxury look focused on craftsmanship. Across outerwear, dresses and tailored co-cords, neutral base tones emphasize organic illustrations and demonstrate global interconnectivity.

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