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Two UK charities host Repair Cafe to incite sustainable buying habits

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Plastic Free North Devon

Plastic Free North Devon and the Regen Braunton group have teamed up to collaborate on the Braunton Repair Cafe, an initiative aimed to change the way people use their clothes.

The two UK based charities are hosting the event with a group of skilled volunteers who will be on hand to repair items brought to the occasion. Visitors are encouraged to stick around and have a cup of tea while their items are being repaired as part of the charities additional goal of building a community around the event.

Through skill sharing and combining passions, the organisations hope that visitors will begin to see their clothing less as throw away items and with more potential of reusing and recycling them in order to further their life cycles.

The decision to host the event falls in line with previous research carried out by Plastic Free North Devon. According to its results, clothing and textiles account for 35 percent of global micro-plastics while the fashion industry is responsible for ten percent of annual global carbon emissions. The Repair Cafe is one of the organisations many initiatives playing a small part in changing the way individuals shop and use their purchases.

The event will be hosted at the Museum of British Surfing on August 21, with participants asked to bring items in need of repair as well as any extra materials required to complete them.

Image: Plastic Free North Devon