Uniqlo collaborates with Liberty London

New York - Liberty London is popular for its brightly colored floral patterns and unique, original designs. A certain Japanese fast-fashion brand by the name of Uniqlo has taken notice, and now they have done a collaboration together.

Liberty London and Uniqlo worked together to come up with designs that would fit both Liberty London's longstanding form of design and Uniqlo's LifeWear philosophy of Simple Made Better. The collaboration combines Liberty's floral styles with a number of Uniqlo's styles and silhouettes to create a contemporary aesthetic that will appeal to the Uniqlo customer.

The new collection was shot by acclaimed fashion photographer Nick Knight. Knight has won numerous awards for his work in publications including Vogue, Dazed and Confused, i-D, The Face, W, Arena Homme +, and Visionaire. He also worked on the 2004 edition of the Pirelli Calendar.

Uniqlo also worked with CHAOS Fashion, a partnership between Garage Magazine fashion director Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Styall, for the creative concept for the project.

Coming up with this collaboration was no easy feat. Last fall, merchants and designers from Uniqlo spent 48 hours meeting with Liberty's team to try and select the perfect prints for the collection. The total number of fabrics and patterns in Liberty's archive is around 42,000, so curating through those for a 28-piece collection was rigorous.

The collection will launch in the U.K. on March 18, and then globally on March 24.

Liberty's managing partner Ed Burstell was thrilled at the prospect of broader global reach that they would have thanks to the collaboration.

“Half of our profits as a business comes from fabric, which we design and sell to the world,” Burstell said to WWD. “So if you’re with a partner who has 1,700 stores, that explodes your global awareness and that will equal more fabric sales around the globe.”

Burstell is hoping that having access to Uniqlo's approximately 300 stores in China will help boost their presence in that market where they usually don't do a lot of business. He also believes that being tied to the Uniqlo name will also help Liberty's overall global presence, and make them appear more accessible.

Price points for the Uniqlo and Liberty London collaboration range from 7 dollars and 90 cents for leggings to 39 dollars and 90 cents for a dress.

photo:courtesy of HL Group


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