Uniqlo is helping more than 10,000 people across India, Cambodia, Malawi and Madagascar attain clean and drinkable water through its partnership with nonprofit charity: water.

The retailer first partnered with charity: water in 2019, donating the proceeds of its 10 euro cent fee to consumers for paper bags to the organization. This initiative has not only helped benefit charity: water, but has also helped to reduce single-use plastic.

Now, Uniqlo and charity: water have announced their plan to help benefit those in need of clean and safe drinking water.

The partnership will fund four different clean water solutions: rainwater harvesting tankas in the Thar Desert in India, bio-sand filters in homes and schools in Cambodia, large-scale, solar-powered piped systems in Madagascar and drilled wells with handpumps in the Dowa District in the central region of Malawi.

“As part of our global efforts to contribute to a better world, we are pleased to confirm that our partnership with charity: water is making a positive difference to so many people by giving them access to clean and drinkable water," said Jean Shein, global director of sustainability for Uniqlo's parent company, Fast Retailing, in a statement. "This is thanks to our customers who have accepted our new approach of charging for the paper shopping bag made of recyclable paper."


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