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Uniqlo starts recycling down with Re.Uniqlo

By Andrea Byrne

18 Sept 2020


Uniqlo has launched an initiative, Re.Uniqlo, to encourage customers to give new life to clothes they no longer wear.

The Re.Uniqlo project was started in Japan a year ago, which collects already worn out items from customers in order to recycle them. Starting 24 September, customers who bring their used clothing into stores to donate or recycle, will receive a store voucher.

Christophe Lemaire, art director of Uniqlo's Paris R&D Center, commented on the announcement: "My personal commitment is in line with Re.Uniqlo's goals. The Uniqlo U Recycled Down Jacket represents Uniqlo's and my own ongoing commitment to sustainability".

The recycled down jacket

The first product to be introduced from the collection will be the recycled down jacket, the products contain reprocessed down materials from 620,000 jackets across the country since September last year.

In using materials from recycled clothing, there is a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and resource consumption throughout the entire product life cycle.

The jacket will be priced at 79.99 euros and will be available in brown, dark green, dark grey and brown, 9 November.

This down recycling project will kick off Uniqlo's down reuse activities around the world, starting in the fall of 2020.

Photo credit: Uniqlo