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Universal Standard extends sizing to 00-40

By Robyn Turk


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Universal Standard has furthered its size inclusivity even more. Founded with the mission to offer consumers appropriate fits in sizing that is reflective of real women's bodies, the brand originally offered sizes 6 through 32 when it launched in 2015. It will now offer all sizes between 00 and 40 across all products.

Since its beginning, Universal Standard has been vocal about its goal to expand sizing even further. It has also participated in numerous collaborations with different brands to help educate the industry on effective ways to expand size offerings.

While Universal Standard introduced sizing from 00 to 40 last year with its Foundation Collection of women's basics. Now, the brand offers this sizing in all of its collections.

"We set out to change everything - create unprecedented access, make size irrelevant, represent all of US, as we are - and establish a new normal for future generations," states a post dated May 19 on Universal Standard's website.

It continues, "We realize our vision of revolutionary inclusivity with every product in the collection. From now on, available in sizes 00-40."

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