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Valentino joins the gaming trend with Drest partnership

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Valentino

Italian fashion house Valentino had partnered with luxury fashion game Drest, bringing the label’s newest party collection to the gaming world.

An exclusive Valentino photoshoot launched through the app, allowing players to style an in-game avatar to their own tastes. A brief from the fashion house asked users to create a party look using its Valentino Roman Stud shoe.

A second challenge presented involved the creation of a mood board, entitled ‘Roman Holiday’, where users needed to put together seasonal holiday looks featuring the house’s Roman Stud handbag. Participants were awarded a virtual Valentino gift box on completion of the two challenges.

Gucci and Cartier have also both recently partnered with Drest on the execution of digital designs and beauty products into the gaming experience.

The entire Valentino Party Collection was available for users to implement into the game, with the collection also available to purchase both virtually and in real life.

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