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Vans and KOI introduce 'Work A Day In Our Shoes' campaign

By Andrea Byrne

30 Sep 2020

The collaboration between Vans and Kids Of Immigrants (KOI) celebrates the working class, the immigrant community and people of all margins, launching exclusively on the Greenhouse App.

Mel Peralta, senior director of Greenhouse, said in a statement: “We’re not only a product incubator, we’re a cultural incubator at heart and in practice. The collaboration with Kids Of Immigrants and Vans captures the energy and ethos of what we stand for. We hope people continue to learn more about the vibrant immigrant communities in our country and their importance.”

Photo credit: Victor Viega

The body of the Vans Lowland CC sneaker is lined with an off white canvas material doused in paint strokes. Each shoe has been personally modified and distressed by members of the KOI team and will be accompanied by a brush and sandpaper that allows for additional customisation.

Each pair of the Vans x KOI partnership will retail at 100 dollars and will be available exclusively on the Greenhouse App, footlocker.com, Foot Locker Compton and the KOI website, 2 October, the release will also include a KOI t-shirt, hoodie and bucket hat.

Photo credit: Mario Kristian + David Camarena

As part of the collaboration and campaign, Vans will be donating 5000 dollars to ‘A New Way of Life’, a non-profit that provides support for women rebuilding their lives after prison, KOI will also be assisting with the group.

Main photo: Mario Kristian + David Camarena