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Victoria Beckham launches beauty line at London Fashion Week

By Kristopher Fraser

16 Sept 2019

Victoria Beckham has been making waves with her fashion collection since 2008 when it saw a soft-launch with a quiet presentation. In 2012, Beckham even had the distinction of being the most talked about designer at New York Fashion Week on Twitter acquiring 57,000 new followers. The designer recently began taking her show over to London Fashion Week for the past several seasons to do something closer to home.

For those who want the complete Victoria Beckham look, you can now have it for both your wardrobe and your face. At London Fashion Week this past weekend Beckham expanded her eponymous label with beauty at her runway show featuring models wearing her new beauty products.

Victoria Beckham Beauty is the brainchild of both Beckham and Sarah Creal who has worked for Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown. The beauty line has been highly anticipated since last week when Beckham started releasing teasers on Instagram of the packaging.

The first products to launch include four tonal eyeshadow palettes, a cream glitter eyeshadow palette in four shades, and an eye pencil in three shades. The collection is fit for people of all skin tones given its commitment to inclusivity.

With the global cosmetics market expected to grow to 863 billion dollars by 2024 according to Zion Market Research, Beckham's expansion into beauty was a smart move. As she is also working on proving to investors her line is profitable adding beauty will help bring in the revenue to do so.

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