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Victoria's Secret announces new concept for its 2023 Fashion Show

By Gabriella Onessimo


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Image: Courtesy of Demola Mako

After a four year hiatus from the runway, the infamous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is returning this year— this time, in an entirely new film format entitled The Victoria’s Secret World Tour.

The feature film will revolve around 20 international designers and global creatives who are part of the VS20. Four groups from the cities of Bogota, Lagos, London, and Tokyo will curate and produce a fully realised collection that will also include custom Victoria’s Secret pieces.

In a mission to “champion women's voices, perspectives and experiences” per the brand’s press release, the film will chronicle not only the designers’ craft process but their personal stories as well.

"We are excited to introduce a completely reimagined version of the fashion show, while bringing back the very best of entertainment and fashion our customers have been asking for. We're celebrating the iconic heritage of the brand through a new generation of artists, and we can't wait to amplify their vision through our worldwide platform," said Chief Customer Officer Chris Rupp in a press release.

After Hulu’s recent three-part documentary series Victoria's Secret: Angels and Demons exposed the rise and fall of Victoria’s Secret, the company’s reputation of promoting a singular beauty standard was heavily criticised on social media. The Victoria’s Secret World Tour’s purported inclusivity efforts starkly contrast what was once associated with the show, signalling a new target audience for the retailer.

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