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Vin + Omi teams up with Debbie Harry on a new collaboration

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



London-based eco-design duo Vin + Omi have teamed up with singer and activist Debbie Harry on a sustainable collection.

Hope by Vin + Omi x Debbie Harry is the first teaser of the upcoming fashion collaboration, which both describe as a being created as a “reaction to the challenging and uncertain times we are all living in”.

“In a time where the world is struck by the global environmental crisis, social and political unrest and the pandemic devastation, that has swept across the planet, we all need Hope,” explains Vin + Omi in a statement.

The collection launches with two unisex T-shirts and a hoodie, all displaying the word ‘hope’ that have been made from blends of reclaimed cotton and recycled plastic polyester fabrics, avoiding the use of virgin plastic.

The choice of fabrics was important to both Harry and Vin + Omi, they added, as they wanted the collection to draw attention to plastic pollution, which is still on the rise as well as the damaging effects to the environment on the increasing consumption of plastic.

The introductory drop will be followed up with a full range of eco and sustainable garments, with further details to be revealed at a later date.

Singer Debbie Harry launches sustainable collection with Vin + Omi

Commenting on the collaboration, Harry said: “Our hope is to draw attention to the harmful effects of plastic in our environment, which is damaging human health, marine life and habitats, littering beaches and landscapes, clogging waste streams and landfills - and to educate and empower people to make a difference towards helping adjust human attitudes and behaviours about plastics while reducing global plastic pollution.”

The Hope project is described by Vin + Omi as a “natural continuation” of the connection they share with the singer, who has previously debut some of their designs over the years, including wearing the ‘Stop Fucking The Planet” cape on her Blondie’s 2017-2019 Pollinator world tour.

Harry also has helped launched previous Vin + Omi eco collections which benefited the Marine Conservation Society and she also made a surprise catwalk appearance at their spring/summer 2018 show during London Fashion Week.

Vin + Omi added: “Our new eco collaboration with Debbie is a reaction to the zeitgeist. We love working with her and are inspired by her forward thinking and desire to do things that make a difference to the planet. She’s always very - now.”

Hope by Vin + Omi x Debbie Harry is available from the Blondie online web-store, with prices starting at 50 pounds.

Images: courtesy of Vin + Omi

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