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Vogue Business introduces paid membership program

By Robyn Turk


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From retail to content, membership programs are the way forward. Vogue Business has just announced the launch of its new membership program, which will give its readers new data-driven insights for industry professionals.

The Vogue Business membership program is formed into three tiers, allowing members benefits that fit their specific interests. The base tier membership costs 220 dollars per year while the second tier up costs 1,260 dollars.

The publication's base membership option includes unlimited reporting, premium newsletters on sustainability and technology and monthly in-person or virtual events with Vogue Business editors. The next tier up is called the "Advanced Membership" and includes the same benefits in addition to bi-monthly market insight reports, insights from the Vogue Business Index, an executive Seminar Series and a series of CEO and analyst interviews.

The highest tier, or the "Data and Insights Membership" allows the same features as well as full access to the Vogue Business Index, a custom advisory services and access to summits in the U.S., Europe and Asia. This tier is offered as a bespoke solution, aimed at companies rather than individuals.

“Our membership model enables us to tailor Vogue Business services for all kinds of fashion industry professionals and brands worldwide, and give our audiences a more immersive experience," the publication's managing director, Stephen Morgan, said in a statement. "Having listened to our subscribers since launch and building out our reporting, data and advisory capabilities accordingly, we feel confident that our audiences will welcome the membership program."

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