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Walmart and Sam's Club launch Elton John eyewear collection

By Rosalie Wessel


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Image: Business Wire

Walmart and Sam’s Club are launching the Elton John Eyewear collection.

The line has already been released at Sam’s Club, and will be available at Walmart later this week. Elton John, whose iconic style goes hand in hand with his music career, collaborated with the retailers on the collection.

Featuring names such as Rocketman, A-list and Prodigy, the collection reflects on the musician’s decades-long career. The goal of the collection is to “ensure that there is a frame for every fan”.

Walmart will also donate a minimum of 1 million dollars annually to the Elton John AIDS Foundation from the Elton John Eyewear collection. The donation will go towards increasing HIV education and awareness.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate Elton John’s creativity and iconic style by launching a fun, on-trend eyewear collection that will help customers feel their best,” said executive vice president and chief customer officer at Walmart US, Janey Whiteside. “On top of that, we’re proud to shine a light on the work of the Elton John AIDS Foundation and donate a portion of the sales to their important mission.”

There are stages to the release of the collection, with Sam’s Club releasing two additional collections, the Capsule Collection and the Master Collection.

The Capsule Collection, which is also designed for collectability, focuses on John’s music career, beginning at his childhood with Capsule I. There are five Capsule Collections planned, each one honing in on a formative period in John’s career.

The Master Collection takes inspiration from John’s own personal collection, recreating his most iconic looks. Every frame will be signed, numbered and sold in limited amounts. Another collection, the Foundations Collection, is an exclusive, evergreen line, featuring a temple tip silhouette with an ‘E’ star mark and Elton John star brand detailing.

“Elton John Eyewear celebrates confidence, self-expression and authenticity,” said John. “The line is designed to have something for everyone, so no matter who you are, you can always look yourself. It’s not just about the glasses, it’s about changing the way people see themselves.”

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