Wan Hung does colorful minimalism

While most designer's approach to minimalism includes a cornucopia of black and white, designer Wan Hung's spring/summer 2020 collection included this, but also a rainbow of colors. The designer's latest collection was inspired by the story of Green Snake, a Chinese folk legend about snakes who transform into humans. Metamorphosis was a key theme of this collection, as his first series of looks were black and white as models were featured in minimal makeup, but quickly evolved into sets of colors and dewy looks with colorful lips for both male and female models.

Wan Hung does colorful minimalism

The collection was more suggestive rather than seductive, with audiences left to interpret the metamorphosis of the collection. It was a fitting approach for the audience to be left with their own takeaways for a collection that was described as being about self-discovery. Bright colors, cut outs and asymmetric patterns were used to look at seduction through a childlike mind.

Wan Hung does colorful minimalism

Despite Hung's usual approach to tailoring, although contrasted with things like lace tops and plastic overcoats, audiences are left to think about fashion in what ifs. What if we broke away from gender and men got to wore lipstick with brightly tailored clothes? What if we stopped paying it so safe with our color choices and added some orange to our wardrobe? What do I want next for myself as a consumer and as a person in my own fashion journey?

It's a coming of age story in a sense, where a boy, girl, or non-binary person can find their next self. At Wan Hung there is a sense of balance with playing with adventure, but still playing respect to tradition. It's not an easy line to dance, but Hung does a tango on it.

photos: courtesy of REP Agency

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