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Weekday teams up with Swedish R&B star Cherrie

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Weekday x Cherrie

Swedish fashion and streetwear brand Weekday has launched a limited-edition collection with one of the country’s most popular R&B singers, Cherrie.

The 13-piece Weekday x Cherrie collection features outerwear, jewellery, tops and jeans. Highlights include a scarf that works as a hijab as well as a top and a denim trench coat that can turn into an off-shoulder dress. There are also several jeans styles designed to accentuate or create a curvy silhouette.

Weekday’s design team worked closely with Cherrie and her stylist Jahwanna Berglund in 2021 to create a collection that was “fashion-forward with inclusive functionality and comfortable enough for everyday use”.

Commenting on the collection, Cherrie said in a statement: “Me and my friends we’re never able to find jeans that fit. The closest we got was the old Cheap Monday jeans from Weekday. I had so many fittings during the design process until we nailed the Perfect Curve Jeans.

“As a Muslim I’m very proud that the collection features modest fashion that still looks fire. It also felt good to rely on Weekday to ensure a certain level of sustainable thinking.”

Alice Shulman, design lead creative initiatives and Co-Labs at Weekday, added: “This collection manifests that creatives from different genres can create amazing things together. We’re grateful that Cherrie brought along perspectives that are often not represented. We learned a lot from each other. There’s an ethereal aura throughout the collection. It beams of freedom and ability. I look forward to seeing it come alive on people.”

The full Weekday x Cherrie collection is available from Weekday.com, with selected items in stores in Sweden, the UK, France, Norway, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

Image: Weekday x Cherrie
Image: Weekday x Cherrie
Image: Weekday x Cherrie
Image: Weekday x Cherrie